toefl preparation course

TOEFL Preparation Course
The TOEFL  test has four sections:

  1. Reading,
  2. Listening,
  3. Speaking, and
  4. Writing.

The first 2 sections have objective questions, and the last 2 sections have subjective questions. In the Speaking section the student records his response by speaking into a microphone. Integrated tasks, require the student to combine more than one skill e.g. reading, listening and then writing; or reading, listening and then speaking. The integrated tasks appear in the writing and speaking section only.

The total time for the test is approximately 4 hours. The score for each section is in the range of 0-30, and the overall score range is from 0-120. The score will be available 15 working days after the test and can be viewed online free of cost. A copy of the score report will be sent by mail later.

How the TOEFL Preparation Course helps you?

  1. Improving your English language skills
  2. Helping you to get ready for the exam, focusing on the four exam skills and strategies
  3. Practising examination strategies and taking regular “demo” tests.

Course Overview

  1. Class 3 Days  per week
  2. Professional teachers to prepare you for the exam
  3. Lifetime support to help you achieve the score you need
  4. Sample tests to prepare you for the actual exam
  • Course fee........... ৳ 25,000
  • Discount........... 10%
  • Duration............ 3 months
  • Weekly class........... 3 days
  • Total classes........... 36