Corporate Social Media Design, Animation, Video & Freelancing

Corporate Social Media & Freelancing:
Worldwide, Social Medias are growing its wings day by day. As for example, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Behance, YouTube, etc. are being used regularly in our daily lives. As a result, Social media design & freelancing is one of the most relevant & wanted job sector among all.

Who is eligible for this Course?

Anybody who has social media accounts, Students, Job holders, Businessmen, Freelancers, Designers & Online business entrepreneurs are more than welcome to this corporate course.
What is the Market demand & what subjects to learn?
In today’s market, nobody or no company is a good fit without Social Medias. Here you’ll learn to design the social media cover banners, profile pictures, posts, stories, static + animated ads & videos. And freelancing with social media design is always a plus!

A few words about the course:

This course is all about a journey towards a new world of opportunities. You will learn presentations, designs, drawings, animations & videos- through some software. At the end of the course, we’ll make sure that you’d become capable enough to earn using your freshly learnt skills!

What qualifications are required?

-You must have a PC/Laptop,
-Must have an internet connection,
-Must have the Social Media Accounts,
-Must have the experience of basic computer functions,
-Must have the demand to learn more professionally.

Class-01: Inauguration 

Class-02: Adobe Photoshop Learning-1

Class-03: Adobe Photoshop Learning-2

Class-04: Adobe Photoshop Projects

Class-05: Adobe Illustrator Learning-1

Class-06: Adobe Illustrator Learning-2

Class-07: Adobe Illustrator projects

Class-08: PowerPoint Learning

Class-09: Google Slides Learning

Class-10: PowerPoint & Google Slides Projects

Class-11: Problem Solving

Class-12: Exam Preparation

Class-13: Social Media & Freelancing

Class-14: Final Exam