Responsive Web design makes it very easy to define what a website will look like. What kind of information will be on the site that the visitor will see? What is the layout of the site? Where the menu will be in the header, whether there is a sidebar, how a visitor will see the images, etc. Web design is for those who want to do something creative and find themselves in their own work. Has strong interest, loves to take challenges. 

Who is this course for?
Anyone from different educational background  can enroll for this course.

Web design makes it very easy to determine what a website will look like. What kind of information will be on the site that visitors will see. 

Where there will be a menu in the header, whether there will be a sidebar, how a visitor will see the images, etc. The job of a web designer is to work out exactly how to show the necessary information. If you know scripting language and markup language, you can become a web designer through adequate practice.

What’s the market demand? What subjects to learn?
There is a huge demand in both local and international markets. But in order to get a job, you have to prepare yourself quite well.
What qualifications are required?
1. Must have general computer operation knowledge.
2. Must have computer / laptop.
3. Must have internet connection.
  1. Introduction to Web Design.
  2. Handsketch & Wireframing.
  3. Wireframing tools.
  4. Story Board ( How to think ).
  5. Website Designing tools/software
  6. Environment Setup
  7. Creating file/Startup package
  1. HTML & Browser
  2. HTML Syntex.
  3. Head & Body Section.
  4. Basic tags.
  5. HTML Elements & Attributes.
  6. Commenting in HTML.
  1. List in HTML.
  2. What is table?
  3. Table Head and Body Content.
  4. Table row and column.
  5. Nested table.
  6. Layout with table.
    1. Introduction to form.
    2. Form elements.
    3. Input types and attributes.
    4. Form arrangement and decoration.
    5. Different types of image in HTML.
    6. Iframe in HTML.
    7. Audio and Video controlling.
    8. Embedded video from YouTube.
    9. Gif animation embedded.
  1. Syntex of CSS
  2. How to link CSS (Inline/Internal/External)
  3. Important property of CSS.
  4. Layout concept in CSS.
  1. Introduction to Selectors.
  2. Universal & element type selector.
  3. Id vs Class
  4. Descendant selector
  5. Child, Attribute, Pseudo selector
  6. Selectors grouping.
  1. Flexbox.
  2. Styling text.
  3. Fonts & Icon.
  4. Creating Menu.
  1. Position.
  2. Floats.
  3. Input box styling.
  4. Background image.
  5. Dropdown Menu
  1. Introduction to lovable css.
  2. Border and rounded corners.
  3. Gradient & shadow.
  4. Transition & transformation.
  1. Overview of Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  2. Working with viewport.
  3. Practicing Media Queries.
  4. RWD Frameworks.

Live Project with HTML & CSS

  1. How to install bootstrap.
  2. BS button.
  3. BS table.
  4. BS form.
  5. BS Image responsive.
  6. BS Card
  7. Great grid system.
  8. Understanding device screen size.
  1. BS Modal.
  2. BS Tabs
  3. BS Carousel.
  4. BS Accordion.
  1. What is Photoshop?
  2. Basic concept of Photoshop.
  3. How to use Photoshop tools?
  4. PSD fonts,color and layer concept.
  5.  Image slicing in Photoshop.
  6. PSD fonts.
  7. PSD to HTML converting techniques.

Converting PSD template to HTML.

Converting PSD template to HTML.

  1. CSS Grid
  2. Animation
  3. Keyframes
  1. What can’t you do with JavaScript?
  2. JS basic syntax.
  3. Variable in JS.
  4. Operator, Data type and Functions in JS.
  5. Commenting in JS.
  1. Array in JS.
  2. Loop: for loop, while loop, do while loop.
  3. Concept of Objects.
  4. JS Conditions ( if,else ).
  5. Making a live digital clock using JS
  1. Introduction to jQuery.
  2. jQuery Selectors.
  3. jQuery and DOM.
  4. jQuery and Event.
  1. Introduction to jQuery effects.
  2. Hide, Show, Fade, Slide in JQuery.
  3. Animation in jQuery.
  4. Creating a responsive menu using  jQuery.
  1. Owl Carousel
  2. Water Ripples 
  3. Wow JS
  4. Isotope
  5. LightBox
  1. Creating a Personal Resume Template
  1. What is domain and hosting?
  2. Introduction to cpanel.
  3. Overview of webmail.
  4. How to host a website in server?
  5. Creating a database in live server.
  1. Introduction to fiverr.
  2. How to create a fiverr account?
  3. Gigs setting techniques.
  4. Buyer request.
  5. Payment method.