TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS is committed to protecting the confidentiality of the various information you and your family have when using the services of TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS. We want to ensure safe service and colorful environment for the users of this website. This Privacy Policy provides an idea of how we will use any personal information you provide on the TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS website.

We may occasionally need some of your personal information to ensure you have all the services of TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS.

The issues described in this Privacy Policy are as follows:

What kind of information can TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS collect?
T TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS may use your detailed information to contact you at any time.

Can TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS disclose your details to anyone else?
Your decision regarding the personal information provided to us is your use of cookies on the TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS website and how you may revoke these cookies.
TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS is committed to providing the security of your personal information in accordance with the above introduction. Whenever you provide such information, we are legally obliged to use your information in accordance with all data protection laws, including the Protection of Personal Information Act 1997 (these Privacy Policy collectively define these laws as the “Data Protection Act”).

This website contains some hyperlinks to other websites owned and operated by third parties. These third party websites have their own data privacy policies and rules for using cookies. Our humble request is that you observe them. The personal information collected or provided by the cookies when you visit these websites will be governed by those policies. We will not take any responsibility for the privacy of those third party websites and you will use those websites at your own risk.

2. What kind of information will TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS collect?
When you sign up to receive a service from or to participate in a service, such as a newsletter or to register online, we may ask for your personal information. These can be your name, email address, postal address, telephone or mobile number or date of birth. You may have to provide some personal information on different pages.

By providing your detailed information in different places on request you will get various services from TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS and its service providers.

TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS collects cookies and IP addresses (IP address is a number that can identify a specific computer or other network device on the Internet). We use software to monitor IP addresses and cookies to enhance your user experience. This information is not used to enrich your profile and log files are deleted regularly.

3. How will TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS use the information collected about me?
TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS will use your personal information for certain purposes, including the following:

In ‘Administrative Requirements for Services’, this means that TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS may contact you for any service requirements you have signed up for (such as reminding you of your password or canceling it for maintenance purposes). to inform you about a particular service)
to any content you provide on the payment of anything Isaye to contact you
to the presentation of the elements of the strategy to determine TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS
IP addresses to ensure that the user’s position, be sure that the number of visits from different countries and troublesome to stop activities; And to
monitor and enrich the services offered at, to give you the easiest navigation
We must notify you before TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS uses your personal information for any purpose other than the reasons above. You may not allow the use of your information for any purpose other than the requirements described above.

4. When will TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS contact me?
TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS can contact you:

Practical requirements for the services you have signed up to ensure that TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS will be able to provide you with those services,
If you wish to receive any further correspondence.
EC To invite you to participate in any process of monitoring the services of TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS (such participation is always voluntary) and any marketing needs, where you have specifically agreed
. Will I be contacted for marketing?
TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS will never contact you for marketing or developing new services unless you explicitly agree to be involved.

. Will TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS share my personal information elsewhere?
We will keep all of your information confidential except for compulsory disclosure or for any legal need (such as for any kind of government or law enforcement agency) or for the reasons described in point 7 below. In general, we will only use your information in TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS. However, sometimes TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS provide the information you provide to third parties for processing. In that case, third parties must strictly adhere to all Big Scores guidelines and ensure that TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS do not use your personal information for their own business purposes.

. Unpleasant or inappropriate content on If you post anything offensive, inappropriate or offensive on or anywhere in it, or engage in any kind of destructive activity on, TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS use your personal information Will stop your behavior. If for reasonable reasons TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS thinks you are violating the laws of Bangladesh, TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS may use your personal information to inform third parties, such as your employer, school, email / internet connection provider or law enforcement agency. Will inform about those elements or activities.

. What if I want to be a user but not 18?
If you are 18 or younger, please consult your parents / guardians before entering your personal information on the TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS website. You cannot give us your personal information without such permission.

9. How long will TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS store my personal information?
We will store your personal information for as long as we need the relevant services in our system, or as long as you have a relevant agreement with TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS.

Again, your information or material may need to be stored for a longer period of time, even permanently, as needed for another project.

10. TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS Can I find out what personal information I am storing?
You have the right to receive a copy of any information that TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS stores under the Information Security Act, or to correct any inaccuracies. (You will need to provide 2 attested photos to get the information). We will seriously provide, or modify, or delete your personal information we hold.

For any application or question in this regard or if you have any information about these privacy policies, please contact:
Tech & Systems
Rahman Mansion 6th Floor (Lift 5), 137 Pragati Sarani, North Badda, Dhaka-1212

11. If you want to access websites outside Bangladesh, what will happen?
Published by TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS Global Website.

Keep in mind that TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS uses some cookies on and may collect information about international users through them – please note point 13 for details on cookies.

12. Changes to the Privacy Policy of TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS These privacy policies for
your information may be updated at different times. So you can look at the TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS website every time you provide personal information. The date of the last modification will be displayed on this webpage.

13. Cookie Policy – TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS The information you collect is
a. What are cookies?
Cookies are just a few pieces of information. Cookies often include a basic identifier from the website’s computer to the browser of your computer or mobile phone (here referred to as a ‘device’) and store it on your device’s hard drive. Each website can send its cookies to your browser with your browser’s permission. However, (to protect your privacy) your browser only allows this to one website, not other sites. Many websites do this when they visit any webpage of any member to maintain the normal functioning of the online.

Cookies contain information that you prefer online. Users have the opportunity to receive, select or reject all cookies on the computer. Cancellation means that users will be deprived of certain services on the website and therefore you may not get all the benefits of Since each browser works differently, learn more about how to properly control cookies by going to your browser’s ‘Help’ menu.

When you visit a page on, that page is downloaded to your device, including cookies. Many websites do this because cookies provide a number of benefits to website publishers, such as whether a device (and possibly its user) can visit a website. This is done by observing to see or find when re-visiting, the cookie remains on that site during the last visit.

B. How TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS use cookies?
The information collected through cookies helps us to monitor user profiles and enrich your experience as a user. For example, if you visit a specific page of a website during a previous visit, we will be able to find out through cookies and highlight the information on that page during your second or subsequent visit.

There are some institutes of TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS for research work. For us, they collect information about TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS site visitors using cookies, log file information and various codes on our website. TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS uses such information to improve the quality of all services provided to users. In that case TECH & SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS will ensure that third parties will not use any information for their own business or any other purpose.

about this Privacy Policy If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact:
Tech & Systems
Rahman Mansion 6th Floor (Lift 5), 137 Progati Sarani, North Badda, Dhaka-1212