Interior Design

Course Instructor

Arch. Pro. Dr. Habibur Rahman Habib

Interior Design


A world of opportunity for people who are thinking about working with Architecture. This is a journey of around 12 weeks & we’ll learn how to design through sketches, presentations, graphic design, interior design & architecture. It’s a progression of 2D, 3D & 4D designs with conceptualization & freelancing. We’ll use software of Adobe, Microsoft, Autodesk & Google – only to make the design live & buildable, but never to design.

Required Qualifications/Eligibility for the course:

  1. Everyone from different educational backgrounds are welcome for this course.
  2. Must have general computer operation knowledge.
  3. Must have a PC or a laptop.
  4. Must have internet connection (modem/broadband/wifi).


There is a huge demand for Architectural jobs in both local and international markets. But in order to earn, you have to prepare yourself professionally.


Sketches, Presentations, Graphic Design, Interior Design & Freelancing :

Sketches-2d & 3d:

  1. IntroductionX1 class,
  2. Basic SketchesX1 class,
  3. Interior SketchesX1 class,


  1. Presentation BasicsX1 class,
  2. Interior PresentationsX1 class,

Graphic Design- Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

    1. Interior & Graphic DesignX1 class,
    2. Photoshop for InteriorX2 classes,
    3. Illustrator for InteriorX2 classes,
  • Exam & Project-Sketches, Presentation & Graphic DesignX1 class,

Interior Design- 2d, 3d & 4d:

  1. Basic Interior DesignX1 class,
  2. Interior Maths & Project PreparationX1 class,
  3. Site Visit, Measurements, Meeting & ContractX1 class,
  4. Interior-2d, AutoCADX4 classes,
  5. Fixed & Movable furnitureX1 class,
  6. Interior-3d, Google Sketch UPX2 classes,
  7. Interior-4d, AnimationX2 classes,

Freelancing & Outsourcing-OMP:

    1. Interior & FreelancingX1 class,
    2. FiverrX1 class,
    3. UpworkX1 class,
    4. FreelancerX1 class,
  • Final Exam & Project SubmissionX1 class.