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Course Designed by
Md. Ashaduzzaman Moin
Tech & Systems



1. Graphic Design & applications.
o How to Install  Adobe Product?
o Make available of Applications.
2. User Interface
3. Document Setup
4. Tools bar details – Selection, Adjustment, Creation section
5. Panels
6. Screen Mood
7. Color apply process – Using paint bucket & keyboard shortcut
8. File Save – PSD , JPEG, PNG ++
9. Layer Panel
a) Create new layer
b) Delete layer
c) Rename layer
d) Duplicate layer
e) Layer link
f) Group & ungroup
g) Layer lock

10. Selection Tool Section
a) Move tool
b) Marque tool
c) Lasso tool
d) Quick & magic tool
e) Eye dropper

11. Feather & Anti-alias
12. Opacity & Fill
13. Gradient

01. Crop Tool Details
a. How to resize images using Crop Tool Details?
a) Use of Perspective Crop tool
b) Save for web
02. Brush tool Details
a. How to create a new brush?
b. How to make a brush?
c. How to use customized brush?
d. How to download & use brushes.
e. Brush presets/settings

02. Use of History brush tool
03. Proper use of Art History brush tool
04. Pattern Making Process using pattern stamp tool
a. Scaling
b. Alpha/Opacity Adjustment
05. Use of dodge tool
06. How to use burn tool?
07. Use of Blur tool
08. Importance of Eye Dropper tool



Advance image retouch tools Details.
Here you will learn how to retouch and restore photos using various retouch tools, filters and techniques.

1. Retouch tools:
a) Spot healing brush tool
b) Healing Brush tool
c) Patch tool
d) Clone Stamp tool

2. Retouch/ Restore images
3. Glamour Retouch



Use of Type tools
Type tools is one of the most important tools in photoshop. Here we will learn about this tools and various use of it.

01. Type tools
a) Horizontal type tool
b) Vertical type tool
c) Horizontal type mask tool
d) Vertical type mask tool

02. Character Panel
a) What is leading? how to use it??
b) What is kerning? how to use it??
c) What is basement shift? how to use it?
d) What is tracking?
03. Paragraph Panel
a) Hyphenate
b) Text & paragraph alignment
04. Editable Objects /Shapes details
a. Rectangle
b. Rounded
c. Elliptical
d. Polygonal
e. line
f. Custom
05. Clipping Mask


Align & distribution
Pen tools

1. Pen Tool
 Path Mode & Shape Mode
o Pen tool
o Add anchor point
o Delete anchor point
o Convert point
4. Path Selection Tool
5. Direct Selection Tool
6. Multi path
7. One-pixel Clipping



1. Masking – Layer
2. Adjustment – Layer
3. Adjustment – Image



1. Hair Masking – Using Alpha Channel
Photoshop offers plenty of tools that makes removing an object easy.
2. Puppet warp
3. Refine Edge
4. Action



Shadow making
Blending Options

Web Materials Design
a. Icons Design
b. Login Pages Design


1. The use of filter (All)
• Liquify*
• Vanishing Point*

2. Animation
a. Frame by Frame
b. In-between



1. Facebook Cover Design
2. Advertisement Design/Tracing
3. Banner Design/Tracing


CLASS #11 account Opening
Business Card Design

CLASS #12 & Business Card Problem solving


Web template Design using bootstrap Grid


Web template live trace & Problem solving


Project Submission

Final Project & Exam

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR COURSE OUTLINE CLASS #01 Fundamental Session: Brief over vector Graphics User Interface Document Setup 1. Profile- Print/web/Device 2. Artboards details 3. Units 4. Width & Height 5. Orientation 6. Bleed 7. Advance Document Save Save the Document then go for work. File Format 1. Ai/EPS 2. JPG/PNG/PDF 1. Screen Mode a. Actual Size b. Fit artboard in window c. Fit all in window 2. Tools Bar a. Selection tool b. Pen Tools c. Shape tools – – – Cartoon/ Emoji/ Flag Design d. Type Tools e. Brush Tool f. Rotate tool g. Reflect tool h. Gradient tool i. All Important tools Assignment: CLASS #02 1. How to use… a. Layer & Artboard Managing b. Fill & Stroke c. Group & ungroup d. Lock & unlock e. Hide &Unhide f. Undo/Redo/Step forward/backward g. Using Guide/ Ruler 2. How to use… a. Gradient & Swatch b. Rotate tool c. Reflect tool d. Transform e. Arrange – Send to back/forward/front/backward f. Transform Again g. Copy & Paste h. Assignment: CLASS #03 Learn how to use … 1. Eraser, Scissors and Knife tools 2. Pencil, smooth, Path eraser 3. Shape builder tool 4. The powerful Pen tools a. Add b. Delete c. Convert 5. Open & Close Path 6. The Join commands Assignment: CLASS #04 1. Type tool a. Horizontal type tool b. Area type tool c. Type on a Path d. Character panel e. Paragraph Panel f. Text wrap 2. Blends Options a. Specified Steps Assignment: CLASS #05 Product Reflection Learn how to use Opacity masking Pathfinder a. Shape Mode b. Pathfinders Assignment: CLASS #06 Stroke Panel Details Learn various use of caps/corner/dashed line Effects a. Illustrator Effects b. Photoshop effects Assignment: CLASS #07 1. Brush Details a. Paint brush b. Blob brush 2. Brush library 3. Symbol making 4. Pattern making – windows > Pattern Options Assignment: All Menu Details CLASS #08 Review / Problem solving Class CLASS #09 Print Item Design ID Card Design with international standards Lanyard design for employee / Student ID Card CLASS #10 Print Item Design Business Card Design with International Standards. 1. Document Setting 2. Bleed – Round, Corner & DYE Cut 3. Safety Mark setup 4. Font (Serif Vs San Serif) 5. Font Standard Size Letterhead Design with International Standards. 1. Document Setting 2. Bleed – Round, Corner & DYE Cut 3. Safety Mark setup 4. Font (Serif Vs San Serif) 5. Font Standard Size CLASS #11 Flyer Design with International Standards. 1. Document Setting 2. Bleed – Round, Corner & DYE Cut 3. Safety Mark setup 4. Font (Serif Vs San Serif) 5. Font Standard Size Envelope Design. Design with International Standards. CLASS #12 Calendar Design 1. Desk 2. Wall Tri- Fold Brochure Design with international standards CLASS #13 Product Packaging Design Various Product with live project Money Receipt Design CLASS #14 Rollup Banner Design Width 2 feet X Height 4 feet Banner design with proper guidelines. Invitation Card / Post Card Design Width 6 feet X Height 4 feet CLASS #15 Brand Identity Design (Free hit) CLASS #16 Project Submission & Exam


CLASS #01 Orientation & Fundamental Session

Introducing with InDesign
Document Setup

1. Interface
2. Document Setup
3. Intent
4. Number of Pages
5. Facing Pages*
6. Primary Text frame
7. Columns & Gutter
8. Margins
a. Top/bottom
b. Inside/outside
c. Left/Right*
9. Bleed & Slug
10. Document Save
11. Export.

1. Selection tools –
a. Selection
b. Direct Selection

2. Page tool
3. Gap tool
4. Content Collector
5. Content Placer

Drawing & Type Tools
a. Type
b. Type on a path
c. Line
a. Add anchor point
d. Delete
e. Convert

Rectangle Frame

Transformation Tools

a. Rotate
b. Scale
c. shear
Gradient Swatch
Gradient Feather

Modification & Navigation tools
a. Note
b. Eyedropper
c. Measure
d. Hand
e. zoom
1. Fitting
2. Effects
3. Pathfinder
4. Convert Shapes
5. Display performance

Copy & Paste
1. Copy
2. Paste
3. Paste into
4. Paste in Place
5. Place object

a) Page Numbering

Master Page
a) Numbering
b) Sectioning

Text Wrap

Calendar Design

1. Wall
2. Desk

Live Project
Magazine Design (30 Pages)

Book Setup
1. Spine
2. Front & Back Cover Design
3. Text Variables



Introducing the Experience Design workspace

• Tools and menu items
• Setting your Adobe XD Home screen
• Previewing your work
• Design vs Prototyping view

Working with artboards in Adobe XD

• Adding and deleting
• Resizing Adobe XD artboards

Adding objects in Adobe XD Designs

• Creating shapes and objects
• Editing shapes
• Customizing and saving Adobe XD shapes


Importing objects into Adobe Experience Design projects

• Importing raster images
• Importing vector graphics
• Importing UI Elements into Adobe Experience

Design Adding text to Adobe XD projects

• Editing text properties
• Importing text into Adobe XD

Using the Adobe XD Repeat Grid
• Importing updated text into your grids

Using the Pen tool in Experience Design
• Pen tool tips and tricks in Adobe XD
• Using custom pen paths for masks

Importing images into Adobe XD
• Masking images
• Cropping images in Adobe XD

Working with objects in Adobe XD

• Grouping and ungrouping
• Cloning Adobe XD objects
• Aligning and distributing

Adobe XD Symbols
• Creating and editing existing symbols

Creating interactivity in Adobe Experience Design
• Creating links in an Adobe XD project
• Creating transitions between screens
• Simulating user interactions with the None transition
• Creating back links

Sharing your Adobe XD prototype
• Viewing Adobe XD designs on mobile devices
• Recording prototype interactions
• Sharing Adobe XD projects online
• Sharing and replying to comments
• Embedding prototype into Behance

Cloning Apps

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