English Basic, Grammar & Freelancing

English Basic, Grammar & Freelancing

English Basics, Grammar & Freelancing:

In the current timeline- we are going through a major globalization period. Whatever the native language of someone is; English is a must learning choice! There are several opportunities locally & internationally to make careers, if you can learn & polish this language skill properly.

Who is eligible for this Course?

Anybody who can at least- read, write & listen to English Language. Students, Job holders, Businessmen, Freelancers, Pre-IELTS candidates & foreign going people are welcome to this course.

What is the Market demand & what subjects to learn?

The job market is almost lame except the English Language. Several jobs like Content writing, Virtual Assistance, Proof-reading, Corrections, E-mail Writing, Presentation, Public Speaking, etc. are on high demand on both Local & Online market places.  But, everywhere you would want to make your career, you will have to know this up to a level. On every sector of Education, Employment & Business- Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking & English Grammar skills are more than necessary.

A few words about the course:

In the subject of English Basics we’ll help you to learn Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. On the grammar portion- some unavoidable grammatical issues will be taught. We’ll also provide a part of knowledge on- Freelancing by English.

What qualifications are required?

-You must have a PC/Laptop,

-Must have an internet connection,

-Must have the Books asked,

-Must have the abilities to read, listen & write English,

-Must have a thirst towards English knowledge/language.


Class-01: Inauguration 

Class-02: English Reading-1 (Learning)

Class-04: English Listening-1 (Learning)

Class-05: English Listening-2 (Projects)

Class-06: English Grammar-1

Class-07: English Grammar-2 (Parts of Speech)

Class-08: English Grammar-3 (Variables)

Class-09: English Grammar-4 (Tenses)

Class-10: English Grammar-5 (Sentence Structures)

Class-11: English Grammar-6 (Translations)

Class-12: English Writing-1 (Learning)

Class-13: English Writing-2 (Pro-writing)

Class-14: English Writing-3 (Projects)

Class-15: English Speaking-1 (Learning)

Class-16: English Speaking-2 (Projects)

Class-17: Problem Solving

Class-18: Exam Preparation

Class-19: English Language & Freelancing

Class-20: Final Exam