Professional Data Entry & Freelancing

Professional Data Entry & Freelancing:

We are passing through the 21st century, where advancement of IT is at the peak! So, it is almost an unavoidable situation where basic computer application knowledge have to be learnt. In this course we’ll teach you the Professional level of data entry; which will not only help to enlarge your skill arena, but also will make you capable enough to earn from the international market!

Who is eligible for this Course?

Anybody who can at least- operate a computer is eligible. Students, Housewives, Job holders, Businessmen, Freelancers, Data Entry Operators & Computer operators are more than fit for this course.

What is the Market demand & what subjects to learn?

Market demand for Data Entry will never fall down but will grow day by day. Here, in this course we’ll make you learn through Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Google Docs, Sheets & Slides. At the end of the course, you’ll be more than capable to earn from the local & online market places for sure!

A few words about the course:

During this course, the students will learn to use & master 3 Microsoft & 3 Google applications. By using those, they will have to do projects till the very end. In the class of Freelancing you’ll be introduced to the International Platform of earning. So, welcome everyone!

What qualifications are required?

-You must have a PC/Laptop,
-Must have an internet connection,
-Must have basic computer application knowledge,
-Must have the abilities to read, listen & write English,
-Must have a passion towards Professional Data Entry & Freelancing.


Data Entry & Freelancing

Class-01: Inauguration 

Class-02: Microsoft Word Learning

Class-03: Google Docs Learning

Class-04: Microsoft Word & Google Docs Projects

Class-05: Microsoft Excel Learning

Class-06: Google Sheets Learning

Class-07: Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets Projects

Class-08: Microsoft PowerPoint Learning

Class-09: Google Slides Learning

Class-10: Microsoft PowerPoint & Google Slides Projects

Class-11: Problem Solving

Class-12: Exam Preparation

Class-13: Data Entry & Freelancing

Class-14: Final Exam


Data Entry
* এটি ১ মাসের কোর্স,
* প্রতি সপ্তাহে ২ টি করে ক্লাস থাকবে,
* প্রতিটি ক্লাসের সময়কাল ১.৫ ঘন্টা
* ক্লাসটি সম্পুর্ন Offline/ Online এ হবে।
* Online এ Zoom/গুগ্ল মিট সফটওয়্যার এর মাধ্যমে নেয়া হবে।

এই কোর্সে যা থাকছে
1. Typing Job
2. eCommerce Data entry
3. Data Processing Services
4. Form Processing services
5. Basic Concept of MS excel and Word
6. Marketplace for data entry Task
7. Data Scraping
8. Email Collection
9. Blog Posting
10. Content Writing
11. Translation
12. PDF To Doc
13. Social sharing
14. Installing/Review Writing / Plagiarism
15. Commenting & Back link Sharing
16. Money withdraw Processing

(কিভাবে কাজ করতে হবে, কিভাবে কাজ পাবেন, A টু Z শিখিয়ে দেয়া হবে ১০০% সাপোর্ট এর মাধ্যমে.)