Corporate CANVA with Projects & Freelancing

Corporate Canva & Freelancing:

Canva is one of the most popular & vastly used web platform for Digital Design. Especially the Digital/Social media/Online Designs are done using Canva. Now a days, the Freelancing sector is seeking Canva Professionals & the demand graph for this is upraising.

Who is eligible for this Course?

Anybody who has a basic knowledge of Digital Designs & Presentations. Students, Housewives, Job holders, Businessmen, Freelancers & Graphic Designers are welcome to this course.

What is the Market demand & what subjects to learn?

The market demand for Canva is ample in both Local & Online Market Places. In many of the Freelance Market Places, Canva is one of the most recent demanded skills. The students who’ll do this course, will learn to design Digital platform projects using Canva. The projects will include Invitations, Presentations, Ads, E-flyers, Animations & Videos.

A few words about the course:

The course of Canva will add a new feather to your Graphic design wing. It is not a very complicated application to learn, but will become fruitful after finishing the learning. As per market requirement, Freelancing with Canva is also included in the syllabus. Overall, this course might be considered as an extension of Graphic Design skills!

What qualifications are required?

-You must have a PC/Laptop,

-Must have an internet connection,

-Must have basic computer application knowledge,

-Must have basic ideas about Graphic Design,

-Must have a thirst towards learning more.




Class-03: Print Design-01

Class-04: Print Design-02

Class-06: Presentations & Digital Designs

Class-07: Animations

Class-08: Video production

Class-09: Canva & Freelancing

Class-10: Exam