3 Months
2 Shifts
12 Seats/Batch
Any Background
Class Video ( After Course)


Usually “What is marketing?” We all know that. For example, marketing is the creation of a market with the help of a product and in this case, the first problem that comes to the fore is to find the right customer for that product. Television, radio, newspapers, etc., which are called traditional marketing, are the easiest means for any company or organization to find this customer. But nowadays the most popular medium from this medium is internet based marketing which has been named as digital marketing. Digital marketing is the marketing of a product or service using digital technology (internet service) in the simplest sense. At present, smartphones and computers or laptops are becoming the most used media from television, radio, newspapers. And one of the vitality of these two things is the Internet.

Who is this course for?
Anyone from different educational background  can enroll for this course.
A few words about digital marketing

Any business in today’s world needs a marketer with digital skills. Digital marketing is one of the most talked about topics in the marketing world right now and anyone without professional training will be lost! But for the same reason a digital marketing career is irresistible in any field of commerce. If being part of your dream profession is an outstanding income and reputable organization, then be sure to take our digital marketing course where we are specially trained on SEO to take you to the top. To be a successful marketer you need to know everything or build yourself up.

What’s the market demand? What subjects to learn?

There is a huge demand in both local and international markets. But in order to get a job, you have to prepare yourself quite well.

What qualifications are required?
1. Must have general computer operation knowledge.
2. Must have computer / laptop.
3. Must have internet connection.
  • What is Digital Marketing ?
  • Why should you implement Digital Marketing in your business ?
  • Branding & Self Branding.
  • Discussing about Career.
  • Keyword Research.
  • In Depth Keyword Research
  • Practical Keyword Research
  • How does adsense and affiliate marketing work?

Onpage optimization

  • Basic discussion
  • Tools & cheatsheet
  • Title , Description & Meta
  • Varificaiton
  • Robots Text
  • Site Map
  • Table row and column.
  • Data highlighter


  • Conceptual Class
  • introduction to code
  • Conceptual discussion on offpage optimization.
  • Profile backlink
  • Social bookmarking
  • Others backlink platform

Local SEO

  • Knowledge Graph.
  • Google Business manager.

Computer Analysis

  • Working with tools
  • Computer Analysis.
  • Google Ranking.

Article Writings

  • Tips & Tricks.
  • Readability
  • Grammar Check
  • Content Optimization
  • Quality Content Development

Digital Analysis

  • Website add
  • Reporting
  • Strategy Development

Search Engine Marketing

  • Concept of Adward
  • Paid Campaign
  • PPC
  • Best Strategy
  • Live Campaign – 1

How to Build an add for your website

  • Adward in details
  • Live Campaign – 02
  • Strategy Development

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media
  • Channel Optimization
  • Strategy
  • Self Branding

Facebook Marketing

  • How to create a page & optimize it.
  • Facebook business manager.

Facebook Marketing – 02

  • Audience
  • Pixel
  • Strategy

Others Social Media Marketing – 01

  • Twitter Account Marketing
  • Google Plus Account Marketing

Others Social Media Marketing – 01

  • Pinterest Account Marketing
  • LinkedIn Account Marketing

YouTube Marketing

  • Content Creation
  • Different types of software
  • Video Marketing
  • Video Marketing Platform

Youtube Marketing

  • Channel Customization
  • Channel Optimizaion
  • How to upload a video
  • JS Window.
  • monetization.

Email Marketing

  • What is email marketing?
  • Strategy
  • Lead generation
  • Email template
  • Email platform

Email Marketing Campaign

  • List
  • Template
  • Campaign
  • Strategy Modification

Introduction to Mobile Marketing

  • Importance
  • Basic Concept
  • Optimizaion
  • Concept of AMP
  • SMS Strategy

Freelancing Class (

  • problem solving

Problem Solving

Online Market

Freelancing & Online Marketplace

  • How to create a profile ?
  • Profile Designing
  • Portfolio
  • How to earn from the market ?