Advance MS Excel Course

Basic Ms Office Course

Ms. Office course trains students how to use MS Office applications use in office work such as creating professional-quality documents; store, organize and analyze information; arithmetic operations and functions; and create dynamic slide presentations with animation, narration, images, and much more, digitally and effectively. To create a basic Word document and simple Excel spreadsheet with beginner edits and formatting; start a text slide in PowerPoint.

Who is this course for?
Anyone from different educational background  can enroll for this course.

A few words about Basic Ms Office Course

Graphic design is the creative way to visualize a creative idea through a balanced arrangement of visual elements such as pictures, colors, lines and forms.Which expresses a certain meaning and gives us a sense of meaning or entertainment or self-expression. It is mainly used for the purpose of publishing any data, for computer design or manufacturing, for graphics art or for printing in print, or for the creation of educational or recreational software.

What’s the market demand? What subjects to learn?

There is a huge demand in both local and international markets. But in order to get a job, you have to prepare yourself quite well.

What qualifications are required?
1. Must have general computer operation knowledge.
2. Must have computer / laptop.
3. Must have internet connection.

Getting Started with MS Excel
# Excel rows and columns
# Workbook & worksheet
# Enter text and numbers in a cell
# Edit text in a cell
# Cell formatting
# Font formatting
# Merge cells
# Save your work
Formulas and Functions
# Entering formulas
# Copying data and formulas
# Using AutoSum
# Understanding functions
# Using simple aggregate functions (Sum, Count, Average,
Min, Max)
# Copying formulas
Editing Features
# Using cut, copy, and paste operations
# Using paste special with values
# Selection techniques
# Navigation techniques
Working with the Large Workbooks
# Freezing and unfreezing panes
# Splitting windows
Inserting page breaks for printing Working with Charts
# Creating charts using Chart Wizard
# Creating different types of charts
# Including titles and values in charts
# Formatting of charts
Inserting Graphic Objects
# Insert and modify pictures and clipart
# Draw and modify shapes
# Illustrate workflow using SmartArt Graphics
Previewing and Printing
# Previewing worksheets
# Page setup
# Printing of worksheets in multiple pages
# Repeating rows and columns for multiple pages
# Printing multiple worksheets